<h3>Training Sessions</h3>

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Training Sessions

- Professional barista techniques training – Latte art seminars

– Filter coffee different methods(drip coffee v60 – chemex-aeropress – syphon-clever-French press- cold drip-cold brew)

– Coffee cocktails sessions

– Coffee signature drinks

<h3>Expertise in water filtration</h3>

Our services

Expertise in water filtration

Reverse osmosis systems

<h3>Seamless and prompt response/service</h3>

Our services

Seamless and prompt response/service

Constant customer’s surveillance, targeting high quality

– Proactive checks


<h3>Professional espresso machine maintenance service</h3>

Our services

Professional espresso machine maintenance service


<h3>Ergonomic space design</h3>

Our services

Ergonomic space design

- Tailor-made constructions